Monthly Archives: January 2013

One of the most dangerous and most unchallenged assumptions in the whole gun-control discussion is that guns are effective for self-defense.  They are not.  Most of the “Rambo-Wannabes” and “paranioa warriors” that tout the need for home defense because the police can’t respond fast enough would be useless in a firefight.  Under real pressure, your aim sucks, you aren’t James Bond fast on the draw, and in the past few mass shootings the killer wore body armor.  I respect the police, and in my experience working with them they are to the last dedicated, compotent, highly trained professionals who live to serve and protect their communities – but even they have trouble keeping their bullets on the intended target.    What makes the gun-nuts think they are so much better than our police or even the secret service?  (see image below)

This is my first blog entry. I think I’ll comment here on things I like instead of on Facebook. It will get it out of my system that way.