Artemis vs. InfiniTV Tuner

I have begun my preparations to host a game of Artemis Bridge Simulator and wanted to make sure that everything worked before inviting my friends over for a night of total Trekkie-geekdom.

I installed the game on my Windows 8 Home Theatre PC and attempted to connect across the LAN to the desktop in my office, also running the game, as a client.  The client could not find the server.  Opening ports on the firewall, shutting down firewalls, opening ports on the router did nothing.  After wasting numerous hours trouble shooting and Google-ing for answers I finally found the solution on my own and seeing how it is a fairly unique issue I thought I’d share the solution here.

The biggest clue was when I would run ipconfig and would see two Ethernet adapters on the server “Ethernet” and “Ethernet 2″.  I only have one NIC card, so this was driving me nuts.

I use Ceton Corp’s infiniTV4 PCIe TV tuner in my HTPC, an awesome HTPC accessory if you want cable TV and to avoid paying Comcast $15 per-month-per box for HD-DVR service.  Also, in my case it is installed on the PC that is connected to my home theatre projector (and the only suitable “Main Viewscreen” for the bridge of a starship).  Unfortunately for the Artemis game, the tuner card operates on the PC as an Ethernet adapter, allowing one tuner to be shared across multiple PCs (a neat feature that I have never used).  If you have a similar tuner it is possible that Artemis Bridge Simulator may see it as an Ethernet adapter and attempt to use the tuner’s IP address as the address for the server instead of the IP address for the server’s NIC Card.

The solution was fairly simple (hours later).  Go into Network and Sharing Center ->Adapter Settings> and Right Click on the Ceton InfinitTV tuner and disable it.  Then Artemis Bridge Simulator will see the correct Ethernet Adapter the next time it starts.  Unfortunately, this will shut off the TV tuner.  So it does mean that you have to choose between playing the game and recording TV.  When I re-enabled the tuner and started Windows Media Center, everything worked fine.


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