The Irony of the NSA Prism Program

There has been something that has been really rubbing me wrong about the recent revelations that the NSA is tracking our cell phone metadata.  It is in the reactions of some Senators to the news and the public outcry.

Here’s what it is:  The recent gun legislation failed in part because the NRA stoked fears that the government would use background checks to create a national gun registry – even though the creation of such a registry was expressly forbidden in the language of the bill.

Yet, when it is revealed that the NSA is not only tracking who has a phone, but who they are calling and for how long, we are told by the President and members of the Senate to just deal with it because it is necessary and to “relax” .

Here is the rub:  So we can’t have background checks on guns because it might lead to a national registry, but we should just relax about a national registry for cell phones?  Seriously?

Does Congress really think that cell phones are more dangerous than firearms?

Good thing they are keeping track of my cell phone use, otherwise I might go out and commit a mass texting!



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