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I’ve seen a few posts online from supporters of “Open Carry” where they argue that it’s OK to carry a weapon into a restaurant, so long as you are dressed nice.  Uh, no.

I’ve realized over the years that one of the major delusions that gun-rights advocates suffer from is that they think they are actually protecting the rest of us from harm.  They think that they will swoop in like a movie hero when the bad guy shows up, when in reality they are more likely to just kill innocent bystanders.


Did anyone see the photos from the Open Carry protest in Dallas, TX?  Did you see these people?  Do they look like they exercise good judgment?  Check out this “Parent of the Year”.  Trust her with an assault rifle?  I don’t trust her with a pacifier!  Seriously, someone needs to call child services on this nut.


Not to mention that it is simply ridiculous that the rest of us – the 90% who support gun regulation – should have to live under the specter of being surrounded by armed paranoid freaks.

TalibanOpenCarry TEXT

I’m pretty sure that Al-Qaeda is a fan of Americans having open gun laws and no restrictions on open carry.  Why?  Because our lack of gun control contributes to the death of more Americans per year than Al-Qaeda could ever hope to achieve.  I wonder how NRA members feel about helping Al-Qaeda through their memberships?  Personally, I believe that the NRA (not to mention their evil spawn the RMGO) should be on the terrorist watch list.

(A quick note on the “Meme Photos” in this post.  I made them so feel free to cut, paste, and distribute.  I’m not a fan of meme photos – especially when I see them on Facebook…but I figured if we are going to be awash in the damn things, there might as well be a few out there representing a more reasonable point of view.)


How many horrible shootings have we had this week? Atlanta, Seattle, California?

The NRA must be very excited that the world they are working so hard to create is finally here.

If you are an NRA member, you share in the blame for every mass shooting.

Shame on you.

Take that stupid sticker off your car, it is an endorsement of violence against the innocent.