A few words on the North Korean cyber-attack.

I don’t think that the major theater chains decided not to show the movie “The Interview” because they are afraid of North Korea.


I think they decided to pull the movie because they are afraid of the armed American gun nuts who might show up to see it.


Think about it.  Every jingoistic lunatic with multiple firearms would show up at the movies to “protect” their fellow movie goers from the North Koreans.  Then an Asian guy walks in to see a movie and BLAM – some dipshit in a cowboy hat starts shooting!

Then the next gun nut shoots at the first gun nut but misses (because these guys are nearly as good of a shot as their childish fantasies make them think they are), and so on and so forth.

It’s a blood bath – and North Korea didn’t have to do anything.

If I were in charge of a theater chain, that would be the scenario on my mind.  Of course our media – ever afraid of the NRA – would never mention this possibility, obvious as it is.


Now, that being said I think SONY should release the movie for free to everyone on earth.  (Via streaming and even broadcast television).  That would make this the most watched movie in human history…and stick it to North Korea, who apparently doesn’t want us to watch the film.  Everyone would be safe in their homes and North Korea would loose.


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