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I would like to take an opportunity to reply to the pontiff’s remarks yesterday whereby he declared that “The choice to not have children is selfish.”.

Dear Pope Francis:



Dr. Mindcrime

Seriously, where does this guy get off calling people without children selfish?

This guy sells a non-existent product to (primarily) poor people.  He preaches to them that they should pay 10% of their income for a product that they will never receive.  Pope Francis is a Snake Oil Salesman and a fraud.  Therefore he sure as hell shouldn’t be pointing any fingers when it comes to selfishness.

Oh and while we are at it…If someone is the leader of an organization that doesn’t allow women into upper management and doesn’t lift a finger to change that rule, what does that make them?

A sexist or a misogynist – Popey boy can take his pick, but he is one or the other.  I wouldn’t even be a member of an athletic club that didn’t allow women and this asshole is CEO of a multi-billion dollar organization that won’t even let women into middle management.

Speaking of billions of dollars – it is estimated that the Catholic Church is worth more than any corporation on earth by an order of magnitude.  Aren’t they supposed to be following the example of a guy who said “give up all your worldly possessions and come follow me”?    I guess that standard doesn’t apply to corporate assets.

Pope Francis is therefore a hypocrite.

Despite the fact that he is a charlatan selling fraudulent products – he doesn’t even have to pay any taxes!

Does anyone here know who pays taxes, and lots of them?  Child-free couples (or DINKs).  We pay them out the ass.  Our taxes subsidize schools, child services, and parks that other people’s children enjoy.  I personally pay mine without complaint and would gladly see my taxes go up to help the least fortunate – but the greedy tax-hating Republicans that Pope Francis’ bishops openly support from the pulpit stop that every time.

Child-free adults are known to work in helping and public service oriented careers, have disposable income to give to charity, and have time to volunteer.  There is no concrete research to estimate the actual giving of child-free couples vs. parents, but I can tell you this…  In our office (despite the fact that parents get generous tax breaks) the employees without children are often the first and the most generous when the hat gets passed around for colleagues in need or a cause in need of cash.  When their kids get sick, who covers for them at work?  Who stays late to finish the day’s work so they can run off to little league?    Check most employee benefits plans out closely and you will find that health insurance for families is subsided by employers – meaning parents get an income boost just for having kids.  Personally, I’m 100% OK with all of this – but I don’t appreciate it when some nut in a pointy hat calls me selfish!

To quote a book that the Pope may have read: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

In other words, maybe the next time Pope Francis wants to do some name calling or finger pointing – he should look in the mirror first.  When he does he may be dismayed to find a hypocritical, greedy, misogynist charlatan looking back at him.

I doubt that the child-free community will get an apology from the infallible windbag.  Therefore, I propose the following response.  To demonstrate that we are not selfish individuals, I vote that we make this a week of charitable giving from the child-free community.  I feel that the following charities would be perfectly appropriate for the occasion:

Planned Parenthood

Americans for the Separation of Church and State

The Secular Coalition for America

The Richard Dawkins Foundation.

I’m not on twitter, but a great hashtag for your donations would be: #FrancisThinksImSelfish