Have they no shame?

I took this picture yesterday.  I’ve seen a few of these stickers on cars recently depicting guns (often assault rifles) painted as the Colorado State Flag.  Do the gun crazies have no shame?  Our state has become synonymous with two horrible mass shootings.  Are they trying to express their support for mass murder?  Are they so insensitive that they don’t care about the feelings of the victims of gun violence?  Is their intention to threaten our state with more violence?  What a despicable message to put out there for the public to see.



To people who do not live in Colorado, it is important to note that we take a great deal of pride in our beautiful state.  Everywhere you go you see Colorado flags, and much of this state pride was generated by the way we handled a number of crisis – floods, massive snowstorms, and even mass shootings.  For gun owners to make a display like this is utterly reprehensible…but of course, that is the kind of behavior we’ve come to expect from a group where 30% of them have impulsive anger issues.


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