Monthly Archives: October 2015

Way to go you piece of shit gun nuts.  You’ve helped in another mass shooting!

At least 10 students dead in Oregon.

Remember – if you are an NRA member you are supporting an organization that actively works to guarantee access to assault weapons for the mentally ill.  (Here is just ONE example.)

Therefore you own every mass shooting.  Yes, you – personally.  You pay the dues therefore you are an enabler.  Own it bitches.

And please do not tell us about “law abiding gun owners”.  One in three gun owners has impulsive anger issues.

You have been so successful making sure that whackos have easy access to guns that gun deaths are predicted to bypass motor vehicle deaths!



Seriously – THIS IS NOT A SOCIETY WITH A “WELL REGULATED MILITIA” – this is a society with an epidemic of flying bullets on it’s hands!

Well, I need to cut this rant short.  Since there appears to be a mass shooting nearly every day, I have to make sure I save some outrage for the next one.