For a few months now I have been bouncing around this crazy conspiracy theory with a few friends and I thought I’d just share it with my readers just for fun.  (If indeed this site has “readers”…most of my hits are just people looking to see if they can split a digital coax cable for their stereos!)

Here is the theory:

Trump is secretly working for the Clinton campaign.

It is well known that the Clintons attended Trumps 2005 Wedding.  They have probably rubbed elbows on other occasions.  We also know that Trump’s current policy positions are at odds with many of his past statements – particularly on abortion and gun control.

So lets look at this from Hillary’s perspective.  Republicans have been trashing her since the early 1990s – and say what you want about her policies and politics – I don’t think that too many people think she is stupid.

After losing to Obama in 2008 Hillary has had a lot of time to prepare a comeback.  And after watching the obstructionist hell that Republicans have put Obama through, she probably realized that if she wants to get anything significant done she not only must win the presidency, but needs to substantially weaken the Republican party as well.

If this theory is true (and like most conspiracy theories – it probably isn’t), then she probably encouraged Trump to get in the race and to say stupid things just to expose the latent racism that underpins much of the thinking of the Republican base.  Totally hypothetically – in exchange for some kind of government contract or support for a favorable future tax rate or whatever…  And Trump has delivered!  The Republican party is somewhere on the spectrum of disarray to civil war!  Additionally, Trump has solidified support for the Democratic party among women and minorities, accelerating an electoral trend that has been evident for years.

If the theory is true – then we may be watching Hillary’s revenge for the muck that Republicans have dragged her through for almost three decades.  I guess hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Again – this is just a fun fantasy to indulge in for laughs and there is probably no truth behind it.  Here are some articles debunking conspiracy theories in general:

Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories? (Scientific American)

Conspiracy theories: why people need to believe that the truth is hidden out there (The Guardian)

And if you are just into schadenfreude (they joy of watching someone else suffer)…  You will really enjoy this article from “The Onion”:

Smiling Nation Takes Moment To Enjoy Thought Of What RNC Headquarters Like Right Now

However, if 50 years from now when the Clintons’ documents are declassified we all discover this crazy theory is true…then you heard it here first!

2017 UPDATE: UGH!  Was I wrong about this! – or the conspiracy totally backfired…Nah, I was just wrong, again.


My Google Chrome taskbar shortcuts were changed at some point and it has been driving me completely nuts trying to get them set up again!  I’d unpin and re-pin, but any chrome taskbar shortcut would just open up the most recently used profile – not the one that I thought I had pinned to the taskbar.  This feature is really nice if your work uses Google Apps and you don’t want work knowing about your top-secret anonymous blog!

I finally figured out what the problem is.  Somehow one of the profiles became known to chrome as “Default”.

Here was the solution:

#1: Uninstall Chrome completely.

#2: Reinstall Chrome

#3: Open Chrome but DO NOT LOG IN!

#4: Click on the “Profile Switcher” button in the top right corner.


#5: Choose Add another person and go through the login.  DO NOT Delete Person 1.

#6: When the separate Chrome instance opens for the person/profile you just added you will notice that it has the correct icon on the taskbar.  Right click on the taskbar instance and choose “pin to taskbar”.

#7: To add additional taskbar shortcuts reopen Person 1 (the default profile – accessible through the Chrome Shortcut that was put on your desktop when Chrome was reinstalled) and then repeat steps 5 and 6.



The Paris attacks were horrible and I along with everyone else who isn’t a total asshole, was horrified by the attacks.  Gun violence anywhere in any form is terrible.

However, the attacks made me stop and think about the rate of gun violence in the United States.

France has a population of 66 million people – roughly one fifth of the population of the United States (318 million).

According to – the “Paris attacks left 129 people dead and 352 wounded, including 99 who are in a very serious condition.”

That means 481 people were shot in Paris.

According to the CDC – EVERY DAY in the United States 89 people are killed and 208 are wounded by gun violence.  That is 297 people.

One fifth of 297 is 59.4 (59 for the sake of discussion).

That means every 8-9 days the United States suffers a Paris attack’s worth of gun violence WHEN ADJUSTED FOR POPULATION!


Way to go you piece of shit gun nuts.  You’ve helped in another mass shooting!

At least 10 students dead in Oregon.

Remember – if you are an NRA member you are supporting an organization that actively works to guarantee access to assault weapons for the mentally ill.  (Here is just ONE example.)

Therefore you own every mass shooting.  Yes, you – personally.  You pay the dues therefore you are an enabler.  Own it bitches.

And please do not tell us about “law abiding gun owners”.  One in three gun owners has impulsive anger issues.

You have been so successful making sure that whackos have easy access to guns that gun deaths are predicted to bypass motor vehicle deaths!



Seriously – THIS IS NOT A SOCIETY WITH A “WELL REGULATED MILITIA” – this is a society with an epidemic of flying bullets on it’s hands!

Well, I need to cut this rant short.  Since there appears to be a mass shooting nearly every day, I have to make sure I save some outrage for the next one.


Groove - CopyVS apple - Copy

I have experimented extensively with lossless audio and the Groove Music service.  Then I got curious, how does the streaming audio compare between both services?

Normally, to compare streaming audio quality in a scientifically valid manner the streaming audio files would need to be compared using identical equipment – except that type of experiment contains an inherent fallacy when it comes to music streaming.

These days when you purchase a service or a piece of equipment you are buying into a digital ecosystem.  Usually, when combining services and devices, there are benefits (both tangible and intangible) to being monogamous to one ecosystem.  Have an android phone?  Then google Music will work more smoothly than other music providers.  The same goes for Apple and Microsoft.

So I did my audio test in my home theater and compared the audio quality of Groove Music playing though the XBOX One vs Apple Music playing on an Apple TV 3.

All other equipment stayed the same – reasonably high end equipment, nothing too crazy expensive – after all running a free blog where you discuss electronics and rant against gun owners isn’t very lucrative!  (Boston Acoustics Tower Speakers, Onkyo Receiver, Golden Ear Force Field subwoofer). In both cases the devices were streaming uncompressed HDMI and the sound settings on the amplifier were identical.

It was no contest.  The Apple TV streaming from Apple Music’s sound quality blew away the Xbox One streaming from Groove Music.  It wasn’t even close.  Heck – even Mrs. Mindcrime could tell the difference and described the sound of the music from Groove on the Xbox One as “muffled and muddy”.

This is by no means a scientific test, however if you are considering shelling out for Groove Music – and as a Microsoft fanboy I hate to say this – you should probably give Apple Music a listen first.

Elite Dangerous Xbox One Default Layout

I’ve just started to play with the Xbox One game – Elite: Dangerous.  So far, my impressions are pretty favorable!  The game is complicated, but the dog-fighting with star fighters is pretty fun stuff.  The game’s combat mechanics remind me a lot of X-Wing from back in the 1990s.  When learning the controls, I couldn’t find a clear schematic for the default control layout in English.  There is a similar one online to this, but the controls are mislabeled.  This .jpg was created by playing the game using the game streaming feature in Windows 10 and then taking a screen shot.  Enjoy!

As a result of my frustrations with figuring out how to make a lossless/ HD Audio setup work, I began to wonder:

Is all this extra expense and trouble worth it?

I have been researching the data on lossless and HD audio blind tests and the evidence is pretty clear that no it is not.  (I found this article pretty compelling.)  However, I did notice one common thread amongst the experiments.  They all do their blind tests using headphones.

I can see why.  Generally headphones provide a top-rate listening environment.  However, advocates of HD Audio argue that the music “feels” better.  Speakers move air to create sound.  I wonder if the “feel” that many audio enthusiasts appreciate from HD Audio comes from the movement of air in the room?  I can’t seem to find where anyone has done a blind comparison using top-notch speakers in a good listening environment instead of headphones.  When I do my “blind” tests using my home theater speakers my friends can spot the better audio file 75% of the time.  (I use a quality MP3 and an HD Audio 24-bit FLAC file to compare.)

If anyone finds a fairly credible study using speakers instead of headphones, please be sure to let me know using the comments section.