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My Google Chrome taskbar shortcuts were changed at some point and it has been driving me completely nuts trying to get them set up again!  I’d unpin and re-pin, but any chrome taskbar shortcut would just open up the most recently used profile – not the one that I thought I had pinned to the taskbar.  This feature is really nice if your work uses Google Apps and you don’t want work knowing about your top-secret anonymous blog!

I finally figured out what the problem is.  Somehow one of the profiles became known to chrome as “Default”.

Here was the solution:

#1: Uninstall Chrome completely.

#2: Reinstall Chrome

#3: Open Chrome but DO NOT LOG IN!

#4: Click on the “Profile Switcher” button in the top right corner.


#5: Choose Add another person and go through the login.  DO NOT Delete Person 1.

#6: When the separate Chrome instance opens for the person/profile you just added you will notice that it has the correct icon on the taskbar.  Right click on the taskbar instance and choose “pin to taskbar”.

#7: To add additional taskbar shortcuts reopen Person 1 (the default profile – accessible through the Chrome Shortcut that was put on your desktop when Chrome was reinstalled) and then repeat steps 5 and 6.